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NY Court: Just Viewing Child Porn Not State Crime

9 May

NY Court: Just Viewing Child Porn Not State Crime from AP

NY court: Just Viewing Child porn Not State Crime – Wall Street Journal

The Court of Appeals agreed that Kent was properly convicted because he had downloaded, saved and deleted 132 images. But the majority said some images in his computer cache, temporary files automatically stored from sites he viewed, cannot be held against him under state law.

The five judges said it’s still a federal crime to knowingly access with intent to view any book, magazine, periodical, film videotape, computer disk or other material containing an image of child pornography. Under state law, such browsing can be used to show a guilty intent, that access to an illicit image or site was not a mistake, they said.

“Nonetheless, that such images were simply viewed, and that defendant had the theoretical capacity to exercise control over them during the time they were resident on the screen, is not enough to constitute their procurement or possession,” Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick wrote. “Rather, some affirmative action is required (printing, saving, downloading, etc.) to show that defendant in fact exercised dominion and control over the images that were on his screen.”

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Internment & Resettlement Manual Is Authentic U.S. Military Document Not Intended For Public Release, Revealed in E-Mail From Government Public Affairs

9 May

According to this email sent to after inquiring  about the manual, it is confirmed that Internment and Resettlement Operations, leaked last week, is an authentic military document that was not intended for public release.  The email says the operations are intended for use outside of the continental United States, but it never says that it is NOT for use in America.  Plus, if you’ve read even pieces of the manual you can see that it says it applies to Americans.   I would like to see a screen shot of the email from the gaspeegazette, and if I get any more information on the source I will make updates.  Maybe we all should call Ms. Wood and ask her ourselves?  Her number is 573-563-5037.  I don’t doubt that our government would create such a manual, but what if this is a PSYOP in itself to make The Awake look crazy?  I suppose that doesn’t matter anyway.  Those who pay attention and do their research can clearly see the United Corporations of America has declared war against the American people.

Screen Shot from Internment and Resettlement Operations US military manual


Internment and Resettlement Operations

Yvonne Mae Friedembeck

Edited May 9, 2012  12:49 PM for spelling error.

Julian P. Heicklen, 79-year-old, Arrested for Handing Out “Jury Info” Pamphlets

9 May

New York Times- Prosecution Explains Jury Tampering

“Mr. Heicklen, who could face a six-month sentence if convicted, has asked for a jury trial. Ms. Mermelstein, opposing that demand, cited as one reason Mr. Heicklen’s ardent stance that juries should nullify. He would probably ‘urge a jury to do so in a case against him,’ she wrote. “

A man arrested for handing out pamphlets marked “Jury Info” is may be denied a trial for his beliefs by this disgraceful prosecutor, Rebecca Mermelstein,  and faces a six months sentence.  Do you need another example of how this country is no longer free?

Julian P. Heicklen, a 79-year-old retired chemistry professor, has often stood on a plaza outside the United States Courthouse in Manhattan, holding a “Jury Info” sign and handing out brochures that advocate jury nullification, the controversial view that if jurors disagree with a law, they may ignore their oaths to follow it and may acquit a defendant who violated it.

“A law repugnant to the Constitution is void.”    This was established in Marbury v. Madison, 1803, by Chief Justice John Marshall.  According to, “Hereafter, the Court was recognized as having the power to review all acts of Congress where constitutionality was at issue, and judge whether they abide by the Constitution.”  It is our duty as Americans to oppose unconstitutional laws.

Then, last year, federal prosecutors had Mr. Heicklen indicted, charging that his activity violated the law against jury tampering. Lawyers assisting him have sought dismissal of the case on First Amendment grounds.

But now prosecutors are offering their first detailed explanation for why they charged Mr. Heicklen, arguing in a brief that his “advocacy of jury nullification, directed as it is to jurors, would be both criminal and without Constitutional protections no matter where it occurred.”

“His speech is not protected by the First Amendment,” prosecutors wrote.

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TSA Does It Again: Sexually Assaults Congressman Canseco and Breaks Teen’s $10 K Insulin Pump

9 May

TSA Does It Again! I-TEAM: Congressman Canseco’s ‘aggressive’ pat-down shown in TSA video

In this video, Congressman Canseco (R-TX) says,

“I went through the full-body scanner, they stopped me and they said ‘we’re going to have to pat you down,'”

“I said OK; I lifted up my arms, they start patting my leg very, very aggressively. The guy goes up close to my groin and when you get pat there it hurts! And there’s a very human reaction when it hurts there — you move the offensive thing out of the way and you step back.”

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IMPORTANT! Al Qaeda Bomb Plot: Would-Be Bomber Was CIA Informant; Break Down of US Terrorist Involvement

9 May

Al Qaeda Bomb Plot: Would-Be Bomber Was CIA Informant

Huffington Post

USA Today

In this video  from USA Today, they say the FBI is examining the bomb, which was an upgrade to the device used in the underwear bomb “attack” in 2010.  They also say  “it is not clear who made the bomb,” and suspect it was the mastermind responsible for other Al Qaeda bomb creations.  They said they didn’t know the identity of the would-be (US-employed) bomber, meaning they were “getting better at disrupting these plots” and that no airplane tickets had been purchased, nor had a place for the attack been decided.  Today it is announced it was our CIA.

Exactly what kind of  “plot” did the US so brilliantly “foil” if a plot really had yet to exist?  They merely had a bomb given to them because they did what they do best: lie.  Of course it’s likely they were the ones who made it, considering that they have done it in the past.   Our government has done this over and over (New York Times), and then bragged about their competence.  Listen to the blatant lie told by Hilary Clinton, that “the plot itself indicates that these terrorists keep trying, uh, they keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people.”  If it was our C.I.A. informant who had the bomb in his possession, and there was never a threat of it getting onto a plane, why did officials need to announce that it would not have been detected at the airport by a metal detector because it contained no metal,  the new body scanners at SOME airports may not have detected it, and the only guaranteed way to find it would have been through the groin groping?  What security procedures will be next, cavity checks for all?  Or are they trying to improve public confidence in government’s ability to stop terrorists before they get on airplanes because they may make airport procedures less criminal?

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