TSA: Baby On No-Fly List, ‘Blasted’ For Spending in Congressional Report, Assaulted Geraldo

13 May

The TSA has taken the saying “any publicity is good publicity” a little too far, or they’re just an embarrassing,  incompetent waste that violates innocent Americans everyday.

Family of “No-Fly list” Toddler Wants Apology

It is exactly what it sounds like.   An 18 month year old girl and her family were removed from the airplane because the baby was shockingly on the list by mistake (note sarcasm) .  Getting a TSA apology is extremely rare, and even then, they are usually backhanded, and when the controversy forces them to change procedure, they still don’t acknowledge they are “modifying” their abuse because they went too far.  They admit they are inefficient instead, which is supported by the latest congressional report covered in this post.   However, if you want to carry gun parts through security, the parts will be confiscated, but you won’t be arrested and you’ll be allowed to fly.  FUN FACT:  I just accidentally entered “inneffected” into the search engine when making a copy and paste error.  The FIRST item listed was RT News: TSA Security: Inneffective and violating.  That is so sad.

Geraldo Details TSA ‘Rape’ Pat Down: ‘My Junk Was Junked’

I find it odd when they start laughing.  Are they just so ridiculously pious that the word “junk” and the very real daily molestation of Americans makes them giggle like school girls, or do they not take it seriously?  “You gotta make sure.”    My gay cousin Bubba, a former prison guard AND inmate, would be more than happy to “make sure” Mr. FauxNews man isn’t a terrorist.

TSA blasted over security equipment spending (article)

This is the second massive spanking given to the TSA by congress in six months, this time citing intentional lying and delay of congressional oversight.  The other report published in November of 2011 gave them an all around failing grade.   I’m disappointed to see once again they didn’t mention that the AIT visual strip search machines are completely worthless, have cost one BILLION dollars, and ex-TSA head Michael Chertoff and other government officials profited from the sales, but the report was still not complimentary at all.

Congressional Report excerpts

Airport Insecurity: TSA’s Failure to Cost-Effectively Procure, Deploy and Warehouse its Screening Technologies

“The report makes recommendations emphasizing TSA’s need to more effectively develop its deployment strategy prior to the procurement of screening technologies.”

“Key Findings-
TSA Procurement, Deployment, and Storage of Security Technology and Equipment at its Transportation Logistics Center”

“TSA is wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars by inefficiently deploying screening equipment and technology to commercial airports. As of February 15, 2012, TSA stored approximately 5,700 pieces of security equipment in warehouses at TSA’s Transportation Logistics Center (TLC) in Dallas, Texas.”

  • As of February 15, 2012, the total value of TSA’s equipment in storage was, according to TSA officials, estimated at $184 million. However, when questioned by Committee staff, TSA’s warehouse staff and procurement officials were unable to provide the total value of equipment in storage.
  • TSA’s annual costs for leasing and managing the TLC are more than $3.5 million.
  • Committee staff discovered that 85% of the approximately 5,700 major transportation security equipment currently warehoused at the TLC had been stored for longer than six months; 35% of the equipment had been stored for more than one year. One piece of equipment had been in storage more than six years – 60% of its useful life.


  • As of February 2012, Committee staff discovered that TSA had 472 Advanced Technology 2 (AT2) carry-on baggage screening machines at the TLC and that more than 99% have remained in storage for more than nine months; 34% of AT2s have been stored for longer than one year.
  • Committee staff estimate that the delayed deployment of TSA’s state-of-the-art screening technologies has resulted in a massive depreciated loss of equipment utility at an estimated cost to taxpayers of nearly $23 million.
  •  TSA warehouse staff was unable to provide the total annual cost for disposition of equipment.
  • The limited use of direct shipping from manufacturer to deployment location has resulted in the overutilization of the Transportation Logistics Center and excessive annual deployment costs of between $50-$100 million.

From congressional report

TSA is failing to effectively procure screening technology and equipment for use at commercial airports.

  • TSA knowingly purchased more Explosive Trace Detectors (ETDs)than were necessary in order to receive a bulk discount under an incorrect and baseless assumption that demand would increase. TSA management stated: “[w]e purchased more than we needed in order to get a discount.”
  •  As of February 15, 2012, TSA possessed 1,462 ETDs in storage in its TLC warehouses. At approximately $30,000 per ETD, TSA’s purchases equate to nearly $44 million dollars in excessive quantities of ETD machines.
  •  492 of the ETDs had been in storage for longer than one year.
  •  When questioned, TSA officials were incapable of providing the deployment plan for these Explosive Trace Detectors.

TSA’s Failure to Comply with Congressional Oversight

  •  TSA intentionally delayed Congressional oversight of the Transportation Logistics Center and provided inaccurate, incomplete, and potentially misleading information to Congress in order to conceal the agency’s continued mismanagement of warehouse operations.

  • TSA willfully delayed Congressional oversight of the agency’s Transportation Logistics Center twice in a failed attempt to hide the disposal of approximately 1,300 pieces of screening equipment from its warehouses in Dallas, Texas, prior to the arrival of Congressional staff.
  • TSA potentially violated 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001, by knowingly providing an inaccurate warehouse inventory report to Congressional staff that accounted for the disposal of equipment that was still in storage at the TLC during a site visit by Congressional staff.
  •  TSA provided Congressional staff with a list of disposed equipment that falsely identified disposal dates and directly contradicted the inventory of equipment in the Quarterly Warehouse Inventory Report provided to Committee staff on February 13, 2012.

From congressional report

“While TSA procured 207 puffers, the agency deployed only 101 – less than 50% of procured puffers – nationwide because TSA belatedly discovered the puffers were unable to detect explosives in an operational environment.  TSA rushed this untested product to deployment, ignoring internal procedures designed to prevent this type of waste. After the decision was made to remove and dispose of the puffers,

      TSA stored this ineffective technology for upwards of four years at  taxpayer expense prior to disposition in 2009 and 2010.”

“TSA rushed to install 500 Advanced Imaging Technology devices, without clear evidence of effectiveness, at a cost of more than $122 million.  Despite lingering passenger health concerns and uncertainty that AIT would have detected the weapon used in the December 2009 Underwear Bomber incident, TSA planned to INCREASE its deployment of AITs from 878 to 1,800 by the end of FY 2014.  GAO has estimated increases in staffing costs alone, due to doubling the number of AITs that TSA plans to deploy, could add up to $2.4 billion over the expected service life of the AITs.”

“Advanced Imaging Technology Devices (AIT)
TSA revised the AIT procurement and deployment strategy, increasing the planned deployment of AITs . . . and using AITs as a primaryinstead of a secondary—screening measure where feasible.” According to GAO, however, “it remains unclear whether the AIT would have been able to detect the weapon Mr. Abdulmutallab used in his attempted attack based on the preliminary TSA information we have received.”

It’s interesting that the freedom-stomping AIT scanners were initially planned to be used as a secondary screening technique before the Underwear Bomber attack, meaning they have planned to subject the people to this since at least 2007.  Why are people so naive to think our government and the criminals at the top of the food chain who run it don’t have long-term, freedom-oppressing plans?  It doesn’t have to mean they are following an exact timeline with specific types of torture planned, but more just a way of working together to increase centralized control over the people.   (See P.S. at end of post)

Why were they stored for two years before being deployed?  Was it because an excuse was needed to get people fearful enough to accept them?  I wonder what the primary technique would have been.

Despite already spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the procurement of ineffective Advanced Imaging Technology machines, TSA is also ineffectively deploying the screening technology. On March 26, 2012, at a joint hearing conducted by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, Stephen Lord, GAO’s Director of Homeland Security, testified that: “some of the deployed AIT units were used on less than 5 percent of the days they were available since their deployment . . . some units were used on less than 30 percent of the days available since their installation.” As such, the ineffective deployment of AIT diminished any “potential security benefits” of the technology and highlights the import of effective deployment.

“Since 2001, TSA has obligated more than $8 billion for the enhancement of passenger and checked-baggage screening. Currently, TSA has approximately 16,000 pieces of screening equipment deployed to 463 airports nationwide.”

And yet they have NEVER stopped a terrorist.  The TSA still fails to meet administrative law requirements, which is how they legally justify violating our basic rights.  Unfortunately they didn’t dedicate any portion of the report on how their security theater makes people UNSAFE.  Dangerous irradiation, sexual assault inflicted upon the public by high school drop-outs who were hired without undergoing full background checks, as reported by The Huffington Post and CBS, with a pattern of being criminals, including pedophiles and rapists,  is making no one safer.

Observations and Personal Concerns

We have a CIA agent that jut recently stopped a terrorist attack (by being given a bomb that terrorists had yet to decide how to use, that is if the CIA didn’t supply the bomb themselves, as the FBI did in the “thwarted” Portland Christmas Tree Bombing, [see pg 4, #4 of warrant]).  This heroic act and display of superior intelligence capabilities also serves as a reminder “that these terrorists keep trying, uh, they keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people.” (said by Hilary Clinton video here in reference to the latest CIA performance of “Look! We Stopped A Terrorist!” on May 8, 2012, a day before it was announced that the scary terrorist was our own government, the CIA.) The government also announced that the device would not have been detected by a metal detector, the naked body scanners that are only used in “some” airports “might” have detected it but “but only if the operator was alert”, and the only way to have guaranteed that it was found was through the invasive secondary pat-downs aka government-mandated sexual assault.  They also said the “terrorists” had no plans on how to use the bomb, no airplane tickets had been purchased, there was no risk of the bomb ever getting onto a plane, and IT WAS OUR OWN CIA AGENT!  So why did they even make that statement?

We also have an embarrassing congressional report concerning mass waste on unused security and screening equipment.  They state the body scanners were “used on less than 5 percent of the days they were available since their deployment.”  Can you imagine what life will be like if we accept their use everyday?  If people haven’t revolted by then, we are most definitely fuk-u-shima’d.

Now it’s announced that “just VIEWING” child pornography is not a crime as long as it is not saved on a computer.  Even though TSA saves the images, they get around this because they’re government’s computers, so it makes it completely acceptable and changes the laws regarding child pornography that exist to keep pedophile predators from using innocent children in photos viewed by other pedophilesTSA has had more than a handful of pedophiles and sexual offenders get paid to enjoy their naked children machines .  Our brilliant judges brilliantly forgot that”just viewing” child porn is encouraging the criminals to continue to inflict sick, unspeakable torture against the most innocent members of society, and if it’s making someone money, which would be very likely if it is on an internet website with ads,  it is directly aiding these monsters in crimes against humanity that I personally feel should be punishable by death.  Sexual predators do not ever change.

Now the TSA is being set loose upon the innocent public in places other than airports, like train stations, bus stops, subway stations, ferry harbors, football games, high school proms, and even ON the buses during travel time, conducting warrantless searches even though they are NOT any kind of sworn officer, meaning they have no more authority or right to touch you than does any other American, with some agents not in uniform.  In this Congressional report they say they plan to increase the deployment of the strip search machines, adding another 922 AIT scanners to their fleet of government-mandated pedophilia and sexual assault machines(removing someone’s clothes in public without their permission is sexual assault).

Are they conditioning us for wider use of the TSA’s disgusting practices that terrorize innocent Americans and their children?  TSA=Terrorism via Sexual Assault, because that’s what they are; they are government-employed terrorists.

Official United States Government Definition of Terrorism

“[An] act of terrorism, means any activity that

(A) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life that is a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State; and

(B) appears to beintended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

My note:  It has been admitted multiple times, even to officials, that the pat-downs are meant to encourage people to use and accept the scanners that made government officials money, by punishing those who opt-out.  Passengers have reported time and again that when someone opts out, the TSA “officers” yell “OPT OUT!” to alert other TSA “officers” and embarrass the passenger.  They then continue to yell, make threats, intimidate, and be unnecessarily rough.  It may not happen in every screening, but 1 time is too many, and it happens everyday.  The scanners and pat-downs are also a tool to condition the public to get used to having no privacy and being measured, examined and treated like criminals,  which will happen as the militarization of police continues and the smart grid and internet of things is implemented into society.

(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion;

My question: Would this include targeting senators and other government officials who publicly speak out against a government practice, especially if they described the procedure as sexual assault so aggressive and invasive that they were left sore?  See Fight The TSA, Freedom To Travel USA for details concerning government-on-government  sexual assault.

or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by assassination or kidnapping.”

(United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, 98th Congress, Second Session, 1984, Oct. 19, volume 2; par. 3077, 98 STAT. 2707 [West Publishing Co., 1984])

There are various definitions, but they all have to deal with influencing and coercing the public and government.

Watch these videos and tell me the TSA isn’t training the public to be slaves.  It is so sickening that I was not able to get through any of the videos completely. Remember,  THIS IS YOUR GOVERNMENT.

TSA Strip Searches the Elderly and Children While America Stands Around

Comment by a viewer:

“They only do this shit because we let them, if everybody just stood up together and said fuck it we aren’t doing this anymore, it would end.”

TSA, Twisting Genitals and Treating Children Like Criminals

TSA Mistreats Mother and Toddler

TSA Molests Miss USA, Brings Her to Tears

TSA Molests Mom, Brings Her to Tears

Rape Survivor To TSA: “Don’t Touch My Breasts” Arrested, Dragged Across Floor By Cops

Other travelers KVUE talked to say they empathize with Hirschkind, but the law is the law.

“I understand her side of it, and their side as well, but it is for our protection so I have no problems with it,” said Gwen Washington, who lives in Killeen.

“It’s unfortunate that that happened and she didn’t get to fly home, but it makes me feel a little safer,” said Emily Protine.

The TSA did release a statement Wednesday that said in part, “Our officers are trained to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. Security is not optional.”

Listen to those disgusting boot-lickers; they’re sexual assault apologists.   Read this worm’s comment on a youtube TSA abuse video:

“What’s this lady’s problem? So you have to be wanded or searched….big deal. It’s not like she was “sexually assaulted” like the OP says. Act like this crazy bitch and this is how you miss your flight. Then you have her rabble rousing son acting like he’s mr investigative reporter which isn’t going to help their cause.Show up to the airport 2hrs early. Then you have time for any troubles at check in and if there’s delays at the screening area.  FInally, be cooperative.”

Luckily someone had a wonderful response that shows other people know it’s time-time as well:    

“Looks like 12 years of indoctrination at public schools has taught you to lick the hand of tyranny while simultaneously giving you stockholm syndrome. You may desire to cooperate in your own violation of natural rights, but others recognize inappropriate behavior when it transpires and refuse to remain silent in such cases.”

WHY ARE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE TAKING THIS?  WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR US TO STAND IN UNISON AND SAY “HELL NO, TSA MUST GO!”  Do the people that are capable but do nothing need me to tell them that THEY’RE A BUNCH OF SPINELESS, SELFISH, UNWORTHY BAGS OF COWARD SHIT if they keep letting themselves, their children, and the rest of their family be criminally violated by loser TSA government thugs?  I can elaborate, or the American people can grow some gonads (that is gender neutral) and do something.   Call or write your representatives.  Call the TSA and ask these questions the way the man on the audio tape did; it makes their existence inconvenient for them too, and forces them to tell the truth about their abuse or tell a blatant lie.  Sign petitions.  Peacefully refuse scans and molestation every time.  Memorize the fourth amendment, it will mean more to you that way, and then you can calmly recite it while being searched, which I encourage if you must go through with the violating practices, but be aware that it may lead you to jail.  It has in the past.  I know there are more people out there willing to risk it, there has to be.

Here is a great article on TSA waste published May 10, 2012.

P.S. –

The Bilderburg Group that “holds an annual, closed, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 120 to 140 guests from North America and Western Europe, most of whom are people of influences with about one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications,” will be held in the US this year, May 31st to June 3rd in Chantilly, Virginia at  The Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel unless the amount of publicity forces them to change locations at the last minute, which they have been known to do .   The Bilderberg Group was once deemed a figment of conspiracy theorists’ imaginations but is now confirmed to exist and influence policy making,  even presidential candidate choices, as reported by both The New York Times and Time in 2004.   But of course it is still a conspiracy that there is a group of the most wealthy, powerful elite from all over the world who meet together in closed, secretive meetings and influence policy and issues that are supposed to be decided upon by the public and the government, and merely being skeptical of the unquestionably benign intentions of any such group and their activities is worthy of the label “crazy” and a new tin foil hat.   Just like The Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, they’re just a bunch of really powerful people meeting for tea and a group colonic.

By Yvonne Mae Friedembeck

Edited May13, 2012 at 10:13 am for spelling.

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