Massive Joint Military Drill Cut Short As U.S. Threatens Military Intervention, Syrian Violence Continues To Plague Turkey

29 May

A joint military drill in Jordan between the U.S. and 18 different countries, utilizing 12,000 troops, was cut short, according to Israel National News.  The exercise is called “Eager Lion 12,” drawing suspicion that this is directly related to the conflict in Syria,  not only because of the timing, but also because the Arabic translation of lion is “asad.”  The U.S. has stated that it is willing to intervene militarily.  The world watches in anticipation, but there doesn’t look to be an end to the fighting any time soon.

Meanwhile, Turkish officials announced that Kurdish militants are running rampant without repercussion.  Two Kurds smuggled 40 kilograms of explosives across the border to stage a major attack.  The explosives were triggered near a police compound, killing the two bombers and a policeman.  The National reports,

Sinan Ulgen, the chairman of Economics and Foreign Policy Research (Edam), an Istanbul-based think tank, said Turkey was likely to boost its troops on the border.

“Turkey will need to give a strong signal to Syria that this is unacceptable,” he said about the reported infiltration by Kurdish militants from Syria.

Mr Ulgen said he did not expect military clashes between the two countries, but added that troop reinforcements were possible because Ankara needs “to appease public opinion and go beyond the war of words” with Syria. Turkey is increasingly concerned that the violence in Syria is destabilising the region along the joint border, which stretches 900 kilometres from the Mediterranean to Iraq.

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