Turkey expels diplomats as Syria denounces Western diplomatic protest

30 May

AP reports that beginning Tuesday, countries came together in protest of the violence in Syria by expelling Syrian diplomats from their countries.  This includes United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, and Bulgaria.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday, “It is out of the question to remain silent and without any reaction in the face of this action, which amounts to a crime against humanity,” and “This grave crime against humanity by those who have attempted a massacre of civilians cannot go unpunished.”

Death counts for the massacre are being reported at up to 116 people murdered during the slaughter in Houla on May 25.  The Syrian government continues to deny responsibility, while the survivors say Assad’s troops were responsible “for at least some” of the carnage.

The pro-Assad newspaper, Al-Baath Daily, condemned the diplomatic expulsion, while another pro-Assad newspaper, Al-Thawra,  said the actions of the other countries were an escalation in the conflict “that aims to besiege Annan’s plan and enflame a civil war.”

108 victims of the mass killings were executed with firearms at close range, as I reported in previous posts, with fewer than 20 killed by Syrian tank shelling, suggesting(according to the U.N.), that,:

1) Pro-Assad fighters were responsible for at least some of the killings;

2) There was a lack of foreign involvement in the terrorist activity taking place in the region, contrary to the pro-Assad regime’s accusations and that;

3) It is unlikely but not impossible that there is truth to the Assad government-propagated notion of foreign elements influencing terrorists posing as rebels.

The Foreign Ministry of Turkey set up a committee of justices, defense and interior, to investigate the killings in Houla, and will be finished with the inquiry within a few days.

Wednesday, The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the Local Coordination Committees reported a body count of at least five that were killed in the Damascus suburb of Douma that day.


AP| Turkey expels diplomats as Syria denounces Western diplomatic protest

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