U.N. monitors say 13 killed in cold blood in Syria & Other Syria News | Reuters

30 May

A Syrian boy mourns his father who was murdered by the Syrian government forces.
Photo by Rodrigo Abd/AP

U.N. monitors say 13 killed in cold blood in Syria | Reuters

13 people, rumored to be defected Syrian soldiers, were killed Wednesday.  The victims had been shot and were found face down with their hands tied behind their backs 31 miles east of the city of Deir al-Zor .  Those responsible for this atrocity have taken the tragic fighting to a new, barbaric level.  The U.N. Human Rights Council has plans to meet on Friday to confront Syria for the third time since the rebellion began in March 2011.

China and Russia still refuse to impose U.N. penalties to force Assad to stop the brutality towards protesters and armed insurgents.

Turkey, United States, Britain, France and Germany have joined forces and ordered Syrian diplomats out of their countries in protest of the Houla massacre.  Reuters reports,

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani accused U.S. and other Western officials of seeking to “prepare the ground for a new crisis” over Syria, Iran’s Press TV website reported.

“The Majlis (parliament) condemns the opportunistic intervention of certain countries in Syria and the U.S. terrorist measures and unwise warmongering messages,” he said.

Syria told the Dutch charge d’affaires, one of a few senior Western Diplomats still in Damascus, to leave the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the expulsions “counter-productive.” They have, along with China, twice vetoed U.N. council resolutions for Syria backed by the west.

Governments in the west supposedly have yet to engage in any direct or indirect military involvement in Syria, if you don’t count funding and intelligence as indirect involvement.  Syrians and Russia have accused foreign powers of importing rebel terrorists to act as the opposition.

The fighting shows no signs of letting up, and has forced refugees into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey and could further add to the destabilization of  the Middle East.

Initially in March of 2011, the movement was pro-democracy but has since morphed into vicious armed fighting between the Syrian backed Alawites and the Sunni majority.

The U.N.  said that Assad’s military has killed 7,500 people since the unrest began, while the Syrian government insists the murders are being committed by foreign-backed terrorists, with the death toll of Assad’s soldiers and security agents supposedly being 2,600 dead.

A U.S. military intervention may be in the near future.

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(Reuters) – “Vladimir Putin resumed the Russian presidency declaring a moral right to promote Kremlin power on the world stage. A massacre in Syria could now press him towards abandoning his closest Middle Eastern ally, but any backdown would have to be carefully engineered to protect Russian interests and save face.”


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