Forget about FaceBook, New Social Media Network For The Informed and Awake

31 May

A new social media network has stepped into the arena at, and they don’t have any plans to monitor your activity, store your data, or pull a “pump and dump”.  While it is only in the beta stage and lacks some FaceBook features, it makes up for it with the community posts and articles written by other users.  There are plenty of groups to join, and provides a variety of ways to connect with others, keep up with activism, and plan future events.

Home page of new social media network called Click to enlarge.

Everyone is really friendly and open, sharing ideas and learning from one another.  It’s nice not to have to spell out every little thing to people who mock the truth.  I don’t have to convince anyone to rinse some sand out of their eyes and not just assume that the narrative they’re fed is factual.   For the record, I don’t force the info on anyone; these situations only arise when other people choose to be ignorant and arrogant with comments on something I’ve posted.  Then I have to draw a picture for them, launch some knowledge warheads at their face, and basically take them to school and give them a lesson, which is sometimes still met with denial.  Just for fun, here is an example of how a conversation might go:

Me: “See, right here at where it says ‘internment and resettlement’?” 

Fool : “Yea right, you’re crazy.  Trying to make us seem like Nazi Germany is fear mongering.” 

Me: “Did you even go to the website?  Do you see the ‘.gov’ at the end of the url?  That means it is a government website.”

Fool:  “People see what they want to see and read into things.  So stupid, like Obama would intern us, or take over our transportation system and airwaves.  Get real, this is America.”

Me: “How is it that nearly 120,oo0 Japanese Americans wound up locked inside relocation centers on U.S. soil during WWII?”

Fool: “You’re ridiculous and have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Me: “When was the last time you spent time on government websites doing research?”

Fool: “I don’t need to research things that are common sense.  LOL, this is so stupid.”

Me: “Can you read?  Can you write your own name and tie your own shoes?  Do you know how to click a link?  Have you read the damn GOV document?!”

Fool: “Yea I read it, but you’re just a conspiracy theorist.  You think 9/11 was an inside job too, huh?  I bet you listen to Alex Jones.”

Me: “Please, go back to your Smart phone and stay the hell out of the way of people who are actually worthy of freedom because they fight for it.  But before you go, can you tell me what sound an ostrich makes?  I mean, one can only assume you would know.”

Aaaannnddd…scene.    I think I should re-enact this on camera some time.  (Joking, maybe)

So if you’re awake, or interested in wiping the crusty sleep boogers and sand out of your eyes, head over to  Confront your denial and discover the real world and the man behind the curtain; connect with others who have gone down the rabbit hole; learn and teach; get active in events; hear breaking news you won’t find on T.V.

I’ve already connected with quite a few people and have received positive feedback on the blog, which is very nice to hear.  Finally, we have an e-HQ (head quarters) on this messed up world wide web.

Get your freedom-loving butt to and join the resistance now.

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