It’s true, You Really Can’t Speak Poorly of Obama

31 May

Fox News Says Obama Video Not Authorized –

I guess it’s true, you really can’t speak ill of Obama.

Fox news released an anti-Obama video that hadn’t been authorized at the senior level, so it only ran twice before senior members banned it.

This blows my mind.  I know Fox is controlled by the giant mega media companies, so this shouldn’t be a surprise, but Fox using self-censorship when it comes to opinions on Obama is bizarre.  They’re making it seem like someone did something criminal by making the video, when in reality it is essentially a non-story, besides the fact that it demonstrates censorship and the attempts to eliminate dissent.

This makes me want to vomit.  Where are we?  To say we’re not in Kansas anymore doesn’t capture the gravity of our situation.  How long will I even have this blog before it is shut down?

My mail has been monitored, opened, and inspected, so has my friend’s mail, among other things.  We laugh because it’s too scary to really think about and digest; but then we’ll have a moment of shared fear, then we curse the scumbags and laugh again.  The other night we were talking about government corruption and we said something about Obama and heard the now familiar click and static on the line once again, so we decided to say every “buzz word” we could remember, and anything else we could think of, trying to feel in control and keep the mood light, I suppose.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have indeed entered a new era.  The fourth amendment and right to privacy has been eliminated; we have a secretive government, always coming up with new ways to monitor us, and creating new weapons for killing.

The technology is moving too quickly for us to keep up.  We’ve fallen behind in law making in regards to ICT, privacy, ownership of data, security of the system, and public approval and choice. We are jumping on board before we’ve loaded the life rafts.

Those who are weary of the hyper-evolving technology will be labeled tech-phobes and backwards, antiquated stiffs. They may call us Bible-thumping racists, republicans, and neo-cons.  All that “blah blah woof woof,” as Jimi Hendrix would say.

Regardless of any persecution, we have to voice our concerns about the technology that may be running away from us, because it is most certainly running ahead.  I’m talking about the smart grid and smart appliances and smart meters, the black boxes in cars, robots in warfare, (yes, seriously, look it up) outrageous surveillance tech, drones, experiments with the human genome to genetically engineer enhanced humans.  “They” say to stop science from progressing in the direction it is flowing would be to essentially stop the evolution and progress of it.  But at some point we have to stop and think about this path towards unimaginable human modification; we have to stop and value human life as it is right now.

He really is a lying, evil f@%#*r.

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