Obama Abandons Hope & Change, Embraces John McCain To Portray Romney As Right Wing Nut

4 Jun

Obama Embraces John McCain To Draw Contrast With Mitt Romney Ahead Of 2012 Election | Huffington Post

June 4, 201215 Militants Killed in Suspected US Drone Strike in Pakistan | CNN 

(This blog post was written before the above headline broke.  This would bring total deaths from U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan this year to an estimated   117 to 132, making it the the  20th U.S. drone attack on Pakistan in 2012.)

Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times/MCT Newscom

An alternate title I came up with is “Obama Wants to Make McCain Look Cool To Make Romney Look Even More Uncool; Meanwhile U.S. At War With Pakistan.”   I say war because Obama has ordered 19 drone strikes just this year, killing between 102 and 117 people.  That is an act of war, but since no official has announced it, it just doesn’t exist, I suppose.    2 + 2=4, I promise.

I really loathe politicians and their expensive political theater, but I thought this was an interesting piece because it calls out the real reasons behind Obama’s uncomfortably fuzzy embrace of McCain.  It is obviously a ploy, with the goal being to paint Romney as a right wing extremist.  If they’re trying to propagate  the image of Romney being an extremist who actually wants to live by The Constitution, they have their work cut out for them.  If they want to shape his character into an extremist who is an uneducated racist,  constantly talks about guns, and hates anyone who isn’t Christian, they have their work cut out for them.

As contrasting as the image of a neo-Nazi who owns a lot of  guns, and the picture of a compassionate, logical Constitutionalist (that owns guns) may be, they both may, in some instances,  have something essential to being a good leader that Romney lacks: dedication to one’s claimed beliefs.  See Flop Obamney video at the end of this post.

It’s amusing that Obama picked his former political opponent, and to to me it demonstrates how far he has shifted from his promised liberal, “for the people” political stance into a George W. Bush 2.0.  Ordering indiscriminate signature strikes for political reasons instead of just hunting terrorists as the government has claimed, would never have fit in with his “Hope and Change” mantra.  He’s ordered 18 or 19 strikes this year alone.  Excerpt below from The Guardian:

The attack came as Washington runs out of patience with Islamabad’s refusal to reopen supply routes for Nato troops in Afghanistan.”

“US drone strikes have complicated negotiations over the routes, which Pakistan closed six months ago in retaliation for US air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers along the Afghan border. Pakistan’s parliament demanded the strikes stop after the attack, but the US refused.”

An article from longwarjournal.org indicates the strikes are for political reasons once again.

“A US intelligence official involved in the drone program in the country told The Long War Journal that the strikes would continue now that Pakistan has refused to reopen NATO’s supply lines for the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.”

Obama’s drone strikes have killed hundreds of civilians, including innocent children, with an estimated 102 to 128 people killed in Pakistan this year.  (New estimate would be 117 to 132). He renewed The Patriot Act, rewarded corrupt corporations and bankers for their crimes, legalized indefinite military detention without charge or trial for American citizens, allowed the implementation of government-mandated sexual assault against those who wish to fly on airplanes, and backed a Supreme Court decision to allow arrests and strip searches for non-ciminal offenses, like a speeding ticket, even when there is no reasonable suspicion of a crime having been committed.  (So essentially officers can choose who they want prison guards to sexually assault.)  When will people wake up and realize that right and left in politics is an illusion created by the super rich elite to make us feel like we have a choice?

Ron Paul uses logic and The Constitution to form his political views, not the agenda of bankster criminals pulling the strings from above.

3 flip-flops in under 2 minutes by Flip Obamney (lame nickname, I admit.)

Obama’s 7 Lies in in Under 2 Minutes

Note:  The exact location of this latest strike is not consistent in the articles, nor are the death tolls.  It ranges from five to twelve dead, with one report saying the assassinations took place in South Waziristan and others saying it took place in various pars of the north.


June 3, 2012 Pakistan: US drone kills 10 Suspected Militants| AP  It seems we don’t just assassinate scientists and suspected terrorists without due process or proof  of guilt shown to the public, but now we kill “suspected” militants,  meaning an unconfirmed Al Qaeda member or terrorist, not proven guilty and most likely never charged and given a trial.

May 28, 2012 US drones kill 8 in pair of strikes in North Waziristan| longwarjournal.org

June 4, 2012 Official: 15 militants killed in suspected U.S. drone strike in Pakistan | CNN

Dedicated to Obama and Romney

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