Arrested For Spitting, Is this Singapore or the U.S.A.? Neither (And other ways we’re screwed)

6 Jun

Read “Florida Man arrested for Spitting on Sidewalk“and see video at

Warning:  This piece is riddled with personal opinion, sarcasm, insults, political incorrectness, bad attitude, and a little foul language, but it does provide a nice handful of important information as well.  Enjoy!

Joseph Stoiber, a self-proclaimed insomniac, was out for an early a.m. stroll, talking on his cell phone, when a police officer approached him and questioned his motives for…gasp…walking around a supposedly free country.  The officer asked to pat him down, as he legally has the right to do, even though it is absurd and repugnant to the Constitution, but Joseph Stoiber refused, as he has every legal right to do because the cop had no probable cause.  The cop and the Stoiber started disputing the really simple, obvious legality of  Stoiber, an American citizen guilty of no crime, nor suspicious of committing any crime, walking about his own country in the morning hours and refusing a warrantless search.

“Things got heated” (read: Cop’s ego couldn’t handle legally being told “no” by a lowly citizen) and Stoiber was handcuffed.  He then committed the unthinkable crime of spitting on a sidewalk because he had chewing tobacco in his mouth.   Stoiber was then arrested, because it is illegal to spit on the sidewalk in Florida

It reminds me of how it  is illegal to be drunk in a bar or as a passenger in a car (at least in Texas and Indiana.  Nice way to say “go ahead and  drink and drive, you’re going to be punished anyway, make it worth the strip search and jail time and court time and money”).   It’s illegal to smoke legal, cancer-causing cigarettes anywhere outside of your home in NYC, and in Florida it is illegal to spit the legal, cancer-causing, salivation-inducing product that is sold in convenience stores on nearly every street corner in America, as it has been done for decades.

Supposedly, the reason the cops were out acting like Nazis, questioning people for existing was because there had been some recent break-ins in the area, which apparently means that the fourth amendment is suspended.  Of course,  it’s been that way for almost 11 years.  Thanks G.W. and B.O.  (FYI, Godwin’s Law, in the interpretation that comparing anything to Nazis and Hitler is bogus, is now DEAD, NULL, and VOID, and anyone that invokes it to dispute comments  that  express the fact that America is indeed an oligarchic police state needs your help because they are uninformed, or possibly past the point of help.  Pass it on.)

They said Stoiber looked like he was committing the serious and threatening offense of  loitering, and when asked why he was (legally) walking around, his answer wasn’t sufficient or convincing enough.   So now you have to have a state-approved reason for walking about your own “free” country while talking on the phone in the morning and clearly not committing a crime, because it became illegal to do so without a cop-approved reason when?

Are we going to let them impose curfews?  If we keep allowing this, curfews will be put in place using  “Law by Societus Idiotus,” meaning a practice or procedure that becomes accepted as law because a  society becomes conditioned from tolerating abuse so long that any members of society who oppose the violations and maltreatment are themselves treated like they are breaking the law by police and other idiots in society, and then must suffer unjust consequences.

Today we’re seeing the perverted laws codified into their unjust, liberty-murdering form. (No protesting where the secret service is present, even if you aren’t aware the secret service is there [they are the secret service], highly restricted protesting aka “free speech zones,” arresting and indefinitely detaining without charge or trial anyone, even Americans, making filming police illegal, stop and ID’ing, searching [and deleting incriminating content on] phones without a warrant,  making the act of passively resisting arrest the same as “resisting arrest,” which makes an old protest technique that is part of American history illegal, using pain compliance, arresting and strip searching people who have not committed a crime nor are suspected of committing one, etc.)

Things a boot-licker says?

They said they needed to pat Stoiber down because they saw a bulge in his pants.  So they profile for bulges in pants too?  It’s suspicious to have something in your pants while walking down the street, even though pants have pockets, and when you put things in pockets sometimes they bulge?  Is there going to be legal discrimination against well-endowed men?

Don’t you feel the freedom?  Between the TSA molestation, the NSA nearly complete and continual  total surveillance, and the Nazi-cop harassment and abuse, how can you NOT feel it?  So what are you going to do when it happens to you?  REFUSE, but don’t resist unlawful pat downs and searches, including car searches, EVERY TIME.  Always say “I do not consent to warrantless searches.”  ALWAYS.  If we keep going along with it out of fear, it will get so much worse.  It is getting so much worse.  It is so much worse than most realize.

This is NOT the United States of America any longer.  Read this and watch the videos if you haven’t already. 

We have privately owned prisons that demand 90% occupancy at all times in their contracts!  In America!  Do you think this is going to get better on its own?  Government may have wiped our asses for us in the past, but they’re not going to help us flush them down the toilet.

China bought a majority stake, 80%, in the U.S. subsidiary of Bank of East Asia, which has 13 branches in California and New York.   This has essentially opened the door for China to purchase more of our banks.  In 2010, China revealed they had purchased $9.6 billion dollars in shares of U.S. companies.   However,  I’m not suggesting it’s all China behind the insanity.

Who issues U.S. money?  Not the U.S.A., bankers and The Federal Reserve do, bankers that had no problem selling a U.S. bank to China.  Don’t you think the Federal Reserve being privately owned is cause for concern, considering these TechnocRATS/AristocRATS,/pieces of cRATs are completely corrupt and have no loyalty to the U.S.A., it’s people, or anything it stands for?  Do you think they care more about America, people, and ethics, or money?  Isn’t it odd that the U.S.A. has to borrow U.S. dollars?  And isn’t The Federal Reserve, which is actually 12 coordinated, privately owned banks, being named The Federal Reserve, misleading?  It may be hard to believe, but not everyone knows it is a private bank.  Throw in  fractional reserve banking in a huge, connected ICT-driven world, add a toilet full of  immoral, unethical, despicable rich $#!*heads, and you have the slow takeover of a country, with the plan now in it’s late stages, coming closer to success everyday. 

The people that run this country do not work within the legal confines of the Constitution, they do not have loyalty to America or The Constitution, and they don’t care one iota about me or you, or Africans, or Muslims, or the Chinese, or Iranians, or the Vietnamese,  or Syrians, or anyone but themselves.  Neither does Obama or Romney.  Please, help people understand this.  We’re running out of time. 

Read this here at about civil disobedience.  Send it to everyone you know.  Plaster it all over FaceBook, print it and hand it out, tweet the twit out of it.   I’ll  re-blog it as well.

All the people who say conspiracy theorists are nuts when they insinuate that NGOs like the Council on Foreign Relations have influence over our government, all those truth deniers should now accept their dunce caps of shame or get with the program and admit they are wrong and that possibly most everything they know is a lie.

Hillary Clinton, at the CFR on July 15, 2009.
“We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”

Seymour Hersh says Iran-Contra is back and “the U.S. funds Al Qaeda.”

So who is Al Qaeda?  A documentary shown on the BBC claims Al Qaeda is a figment of our imaginations created by “our” corrupt government.

“When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya” says Michelle Obama (I’m not saying anything, just showing)

Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles | New York May 29, 2012

A “Kill List”  is what kind of Hope and Change Obama lovers brought us when they voted for novel catchphrases, their decision made possibly by their need to be a part of something important, their desire to be considered progressive and relevant, their need for some shining light of hope, even if it was clear it would eventually burn them, all while ignoring red flag after red flag after (commie? Sorry, had to) red flag.  Well, Obama voters, you were a part of something important; you were part of putting the last nail in the coffin of the old USA.  Give yourself a cookie and a kick in the ass.  Way to go.  Way to ignore all his “commie-socialist” pals.  Yea, I said commie and socialist like they’re bad things, because they generally have been, especially when shysters like these people are involved.  However, Obama and his criminal buddies aren’t communists at all, but it seems the elites pulling the strings have goals similar to the 45 Communist goals for ruining America, except they don’t have any intention of letting the proletariat rise up.  The “order out of chaos” never happens. 

People need to understand, the Hegelian Dialectic never synthesizes the magic answer; it creates more questions.   People must stop worrying about being trendy; be someone who knows the truth and understands the meaning of integrity, not a truth denier.  Notice how gun control helped those noble communists?   It didn’t; it helped their leaders commit mass murder.

Hey, way to ignore that Obama filled his cabinet with Wall Street, Obama lovers.   You showed no concern when he started appointing CZARS , not even when he appointed  his anti-human, pro-forced abortion, climate change alarmist CZAR John Holdren .  How unAmerican is a “CZAR” anyway?  Don’t pay any attention to the lying, pro-brainwashing, gun-grabbing, Fast and Furious conspirator and traitor Eric Holder, he couldn’t possibly be a threat to The Bill of Rights.

One more thing, I’m no birther and never have been, but I feel Papa O. is not who he says he is.  Why’d he seal his college transcripts?  Why is his autobiography now starting to be revealed as part fiction?  What’s with the social security number?   Why did the literary agency, who is still listed as working for Obama last I checked, write that  Obama was born in Kenya in a 1991 booklet?  You have to admit, there is a lot of room for speculation; it’s not absurd to question his true identity and background.  I am curious to know what people think about the clip of Michelle Obama I posted above saying “when we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya.”  If she’d said “the homeland in Africa” or “the motherland” I would think nothing of it, but “home country in Kenya?”  I don’t usually touch this because it goes nowhere, leads to arguing and dismissal, and no one is giving us an answer.  It’s kind of amazing; in four years, a large portion of the American public has been brainwashed to dismiss any idea that Barry Obama could possibly be someone besides the lying, tele-prompter reading murderer we currently know.

Update:  I was having a discussion with a friend this evening about the interpretation of Michelle Obama’s words.  We came to the conclusion that one could be referring their to roots, and not birth place, when speaking of their “home country.”    Ugh, this is why I avoid this subject.

Nine Stages of Civilization:  We’re in the 7th – Apathy |

U.S. Fears Syrian Reprisals After WikiLeaks Disclosure |  Is this something a liberty-loving country would be a part of?


A second senior administration official defended the funneling of taxpayer money to the Movement for Justice and Development.

“U.S. democracy and governance programming for Syria is no different than programs the United States and many other democratic countries support in countries around the world,” said this official. “What is different is that the Syrian government perceives the development of civil society as a threat to its control over the Syrian people.”

An April 2009 cable from a State Department officer at the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, disseminated by WikiLeaks, stated that the Assad regime “would undoubtedly view any U.S. funds going to illegal political groups as tantamount to supporting regime change.” 

Embassy Chargé D’affaires Maura Connelly warned officials in Washington that “some programs may be perceived, were they to be made public, as an attempt to undermine the Assad regime.”

Accordingly, Connelly recommended that the Obama administration “aim less at fostering ‘regime change’ and more toward encouraging ‘behavior reform'” on the part of the Assad government. She also asserted that the activities of “the various expatriate reform organizations operating in Europe and the U.S.,” a category that includes the Movement for Justice and Development, “have little to no effect on civil society or human rights in Syria.”

Meet The New Boss: China Owns The United States | Prison

A Look at Recent US Drone Strikes in Pakistan | June 5, 2012

A Look at Recent US Drone Strikes in Pakistan | Washington

U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by WikiLeaks show | Washington

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