My mail opened & inspected, one package was ‘The New World Order’ by Wells; “FBI Task Force” listed in wifi networks. Is it real?

18 Jun

One of the packages that was ripped open by the government before I received it just happened to be H.G. Wells New World Order. Seriously.

One night I ordered over sixty books on that could very well be banned in ten years.  I chose a lot of H.G. Wells, Huxley, Zbigniew, Kissinger, Woodward, Kagan, Bernays, and many, many more.  I even got the actual Agenda 21 manual, which is put together in a hard cover book.  When my orders started arriving, I noticed two packages had been opened and marked with bright orange stickers.  One of the packages contained the book The New World Order by H.G. Wells.

This is one of the packages that was opened by grubby fed paws. They obviously wanted me to know.

Wow, was the person who did this 8 years old? Nice skills, boot-licker, did you finally graduate kindergarten?

Is this just someone messing around? If so, the timing was incredible, because it happened after a particularly long evening of discussing the putrid scum that claims to be U.S. government.

 I’m skeptical of this one.  I have had long conversations a few times on the phone with my best friend, who lives out of state, while emailing back and forth about dissent and corruption.  One night after a long evening of sharing information, we said good night and ended the call.  Then she clicked on the available wireless networks and saw the FBI Task Force listed.  She quickly closed it, then opened it again and the task force was gone.  Do you think this is just someone messing around?  She now sees it often, but when she closes the wifi networks menu and then opens it again, the listing will be gone.

She has also had mail intercepted.  When her father went to pick up her new phone, some federal worker at the post office wanted my friend to come in and open it herself, but her father informed them that she was out of state.  She has had other encounters but I do not know the details.  Sadly, she was also raped by TSA employees and is on some kind of watch list when flying, which is one of the reasons I am so passionate about shutting the agency down.  My friend and I laugh about the surveillance, but the reality is this is actually happening, and it will only spread and become more invasive and indiscriminate.

Sometimes we hear clicks on the phone too, almost a light static, like someone has picked up another phone on the same line and is eavesdropping.  Sometimes when my phone is just sitting there it buzzes/hums quite loudly.  This is probably nothing, however it is a little cheap phone that doesn’t use much power, it doesn’t happen all of the time, and it never happened in the past.

What do you think?

Now is The Time.  The Time is Now.

It’s Time to Resist.

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