Americans love their servitude, Mass. town votes in favor of fines for public profanity

23 Jun

  I’d like everyone to join me in giving these  traitors from Middleborough, Massachusetts a round of applause for supporting the ever-growing police state and the further elimination of the fading first amendment. The people of Middleborough voted for a law that gives $20 fines for public profanity. The new law will supposedly decriminalize a 1968 bylaw that made public profanity a criminal offense, which is the reason the bylaw was rarely enforced. Now that it is an easy source of revenue and won’t be met with as much opposition from the public  as it would if profanity was enforced as a misdemeanor and arrestable offense, it is not an outlandish prediction to say the cops will start enforcing it more, spitting on the first amendment without any guilt or acknowledgment of their part in helping ruin all that America stands for (but don’t get your hopes up, you can still be arrested for it). Just wait until swearing in the presence of a cop becomes “assault on an officer.” It sounds crazy, but passive resistance is now resisting arrest in Arizona, and plenty of people have been charged with assault on an officer when nothing of the sort ever occurred, so why wouldn’t it escalate in the country that has the largest prison population in the world and so many laws that the average citizen commits three felonies a day?   Remember,  you can be arrested for non-criminal offenses, like not having a dog on a leash, and then be strip searched and put into the jail’s general population. Now it seems that exercising your first amendment, your right to free speech, could earn you a dehumanizing naked examination too. Now that’s freedom.

‘FUN’ FACT: Under 1033 Program, $2 BILLION DOLLARS worth of surplus military hardware in just fiscal year (FY) 2012 alone, is being given to police departments, big AND SMALL, across the country. The Insurrection Act of 1807 and Posse Comitatus Act are supposed to limit federal military from policing innocent, civilians in everyday situations, however cops are dressing like soldiers, are equipped with military hardware used by soldiers, and are becoming more physically aggressive. How long will it be until all cops are behaving like soldiers? Eventually cops will want to use their “toys” (if they aren’t already) and with some of these “toys” being drones, armored and armed vehicles, bazookas, robots, and more, it should be a major concern for all Americans.

“To protect and serve” has turned into “seek and destroy,” especially with the new era of Preventative-Crime (Pre-crime) (here’s a brochure for Law Enforcement pdf) and the increasingly brutal police tactics being used to control the American people. Don’t believe any of this? Do some research, because you are dangerously uninformed.

GOOD NEWS (kind of): The pentagon has temporarily suspended some parts of Program 1033, but not because police should not posses and use military hardware, but because of mismanagement and the prohibited distribution of the equipment to non-police forces.

UCPD, Berkeley Police Department, Albany Police Department Receive Funding Approval For Armored Vehicle Amid Concerns From Citizens  JUNE 21, 2012

Portland Police add armored vehicle to its force  June 7, 2012

The NYPD may enforce the law, but they’re also a law unto themselves June 6, 2012  

Judge Says He Was Struck by a Police Officer in Queens June 5, 2012 

A justice of the New York State Supreme Court was karate chopped by a cop for no reason other than the cop’s rage and needed to lash out at someone.

Mass. town OKs $20 fine for swearing in public (
Middleborough OKs $20 fines for swearing in public (
Paying the price for swearing (
Mass. town weighs $20 fines for swearing in public (

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