Words Well-Said: Thoughts From Around the Web ‘Fast & Furious’ (with video)

24 Jun

Sometimes I see bits of wisdom, new perspectives, clever humor, and other fearless ways of dropping  serious knowledge bombs on FaceBook, comment sections, twitter, etc and I’d like to start sharing them.

This came from the FaceBook wall of a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. In a comment on a post about Fast and Furious on the reader’s wall, someone brought up “the race card,” in regards to the Eric Holder contempt charges, accusing the “other side” of using it. I personally have not seen any evidence indicating that this busted conspiracy is about race. I’ve heard theories supposedly held by right wing nuts, but they were so far from any popular theory I’ve heard, and didn’t come close to what the majority of the liberty movement  believes, that the ideas seem to have been propagated, or at least perpetuated, by the left to discredit those willing to say “the emperor has no clothes.”   This is what the TimeTimes reader had to say:

English: Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder o...

English: Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder opened an Interagency Working Group meeting of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders hosted by the Department of Justice on October 18, 2000, which addressed LEPissues. In the immediate background, White House representative Irene Bueno, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Bill Lann Lee, and Community Relations Service Director Rose Ochi look on. (DOJ photo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“All I’ll say on that is that I have seen both Caucasians and African Americans throw it around. It’s a ridiculous, intentionally divisive distraction that incites the nastiest side of humans, and prevents us from getting down to the real issue, which is that Eric Holder is a traitor and conspirator against the US. And with Obama having used executive privilege to hide what could be (is) incriminating documents, more suspicions are raised. It’s US the PEOPLE vs THEM the GOVERNMENT. We have to forget this petty shit. Oh and check it out, looks like Obama has used exec privilege with Holder in the past.”

Excerpts From thedailycaller.com:

“According to the Los Angeles Times, Holder drafted an “options memo” that allowed Clinton to grant commutations to the terrorists in the late 1990s when several high-ranking Department of Justice officials opposed the move. That options memo effectively facilitated clemency for those terrorists. Holder went against the DOJ’s Pardon Attorney Roger Adams’strong opposition to any clemency in several internal memos and a draft report recommending denial” and pushed to get the terrorists’ sentences commuted.”

“Though that memo itself is still protected by Clinton’s executive privilege and has not been made public, members of Clinton’s administration, including Holder, were allowed to talk about it and anything else to do with the pardons, commutations and grants of clemency after Clinton waived the executive privilege after leaving office.”

“Fast-forward to shortly after President Barack Obama was elected. He had nominated Holder to be the United States Attorney General and Cornyn was pressing him to testify about the details of those FALN terrorist commutations. When asked to testify about the options memo, Holder claimed under oath in the congressional record that he was “not authorized” to do so.” (my emphasis added)

Read more: dailycaller.com

If you have a little knowledge to drop, a story or joke to tell, or an opinion that you would like to share, contact me in the comments section and/or email yvonne_mae@hushmail.com

Fast and Furious was NOT a legitimate program. It was a conspiracy. No one was ever supposed to find out. Because of this criminality, hundreds of people are dead.

Sign a petition calling for the resignation of Eric Holder. This definitely won’t be the first one I’ve signed.

Attorney General Eric Holder Must Step Down

Comedian John Stewart reports on the Fast and Furious conspiracy more honestly and  accurately than other mainstream media .  And he is hilarious. Start with this one.

Here is a quick overview, however it was done by FOX news, complete with sensational graphics and music, so I don’t know that it is going to change any minds. If someone really wants to form their own opinion, they should start by watching the actual hearings. See below this Fox video.

Know what you’re talking about. Watch the following. Don’t let the length of the videos intimidate you. It is all interesting. You’ll see men speaking of their shame and tears over Fast and Furious, politicians squirming as they tell transparent lies, the masters of the ancient political art of non-answering displaying their skills without shame, and men chiding one another, one in particular using  a comparison to Moe, Curly, and Larry to demean Special Agent Newell.

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Hearing, “Operation Fast & Furious: The Other Side of the Border.”

“One who shouts in a room of twisted mouths and whispering liars

                 Above twitching eyes, nauseous lies and  stench of cowering truth deniers…”

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