“A New Era of Preparedness” Natural Disasters, Pandemic, and Violence (includes video)

27 Jun

Preparedness messages are now being tweeted, because preparedness is super trendy.

Look what Center for Disease Control (CDC) tweeted Sunday morning, June 24, 2012.


Watch this video by the CDC, A New Era of Preparedness

You can view a transcript in PDF form here.

Here is an excerpt:

[Narrator] Today, there are many different kinds of threats. We are in a new era of preparedness.
[Boy] Hey, Dad!
[Narrator]And kids are a little more in-tune than we think.

[Grandpa] Yeah?
[Boy]I know bird flu is quite rare in humans, but could that change if the virus changes?
[Girl] Do experts expect bird flu to have global ramifications?
[Boy] Should we be taking precautionary measures in case bird flu becomes a pandemic?
[Narrator] Whether it’s natural disasters, bioterrorism, or pandemic flu, the need for preparedness is just as important as

[Announcer] Know what to do about pandemic flu.
[Narrator] Today, technology is advancing rapidly, and people have many different ways to receive information. CDC is using these outlets to help you become prepared. Whether it’s on the web… on your mp3 player… or in your community… CDC is providing resources all aimed at helping protect you. Maybe it’s information on a recent flu outbreak in your community, or a podcast on current health risks for international travel, or preparedness drills in your local community.
CDC is ensuring you are prepared for whatever your individual needs might be, because, after all, we’re all connected. Healthy people make healthy families, healthy families build healthy communities, and those in turn build healthy workplaces.
And that’s exactly how preparedness works — it builds on a system of networks that include local, state, and federal agencies; tribal and community organizations; businesses in the private sector; and healthcare providers. It’s built around preparing you, and making our communities as safe and healthy as possible.
So whether it is work that’s done in an office, or work that’s done in a lab, one of CDC’s goals is to help us all prepare for both existing and emerging health threats. Every day, CDC scientists are conducting innovative research to help us do just that. Whether it’s a small outbreak in our local community, or one that starts in a remote corner of the world, CDC science informs our response.
When necessary, the Director’s Emergency Operations Center [DEOC] is CDC’s command center for coordinating emergency response to domestic and international health threats. Staffed 24/7, the DEOC is the contact for state health agencies for reporting potential public health threats. The actions taken here help CDC to respond at a moment’s notice. Using state-of-the-art communication technologies, CDC can support a vast information pipeline with state, federal, and international partners.

Whether it’s emergency response or policy making, CDC leadership takes an active, vital role in ensuring the nation’s public health preparedness needs are kept at the forefront of government initiatives.

[CDC Director] So we are reaching out directly to consumers in those age groups, we are reaching out to employers across…

[Narrator] But in the end, it all comes down to you. With the mobility of the world’s population, what happens globally happens locally, and CDC is working around the clock to protect you, your family, your community, our nation, and our world. It’s not the 1950s anymore, and we truly are a global community in a new era of preparedness. By using new technologies, and remaining committed to the public’s health, CDC is helping create safer, healthier people all over the world.

[Man] En la escuela o en casa, ¿cómo puede proteger a su familia?

[Narrator] So whoever you are, or wherever you may be, CDC is here, working every minute of every day, to ensure you and your family are safer and healthier in these ever-changing times.

Please visit http://www.cdc.gov for more information.

3 minutes later, VacciNewsNet tweeted about the International African Vaccinology Conference in Cape Town, South Africa

“The conference will focus on critical vaccine and immunisation issues for Africa and the world as we approach the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Global Immunisation Vision and Strategy (GIVS).

The Local Organising Committee in consultation with the International Scientific Advisory Committee is preparing an exciting programme on key vaccine and immunisation issues for scientists and programme managers, nurses and doctors, policymakers and researchers, government and industry, students and lecturers.

Our aim is to provide a forum for discussion on vaccinology in Africa, including policy, advocacy and communication as well as basic science, clinical, public health and health systems research.”

On top of the New Era of Preparedness, we have seen what are being described as “zombie attacks” in the news.  There was another incident of  a crazed, nude man on drugs biting another man this past week. It is not yet known if he was under the influence of the street drug known as bath salts that other “zombie attack” perpetrators had used prior to committing the brutal assaults.

Also disturbing is the rise in flesh eating bacteria cases reported by the news, with at least four occurring in Georgia. Patients’ conditions seem to improve once they they have suffered significant physical damage and reach a pain level they feel is unbearable. The CDC insists the recent number of flesh eating bacteria cases, known as Necrotizing fasciitis, are not an indication of an outbreak or increase in number of people being infected, the media is only reporting on it more often. According to the CDC, there are only 650 to 800 cases a year, however, the National Library of Medicine, a government website, says 10,000 to 12,00, while The National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation says over 1,500 cases occur per year.

Doctors treat 6 in Omaha for flesh-eating bacteria| ABC ketv.com MAY 23, 2012

Naples man recovering from rare flesh-eating infection | news-press.com June 22, 2012

Another Florida ‘zombie’ attack? Naked man storms girlfriend’s house, bites chunk out of man’s arm  | NYdailynews.com June 21, 2012

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