Austin Police Dept Corruption Exposed

8 Jul

If you don’t know the Antonio Buehler story, I have posted some information below this new video of Antonio Buehler addressing Austin officials. Make sure to see his credentials at the bottom. He’s a CEO, a teacher, a war veteran, a Stanford and West Point graduate with accolades and he works with disadvantaged children. The Austin Police Department’s lies are helping no one. Their denial of any wrongdoing and refusal to release the dash cam video will only continue to encourage an antagonistic relationship between the community and the police. The more animosity and resentment the public feels towards the cops, the more danger police put themselves in.

The original news report.

You may not be a fan of Alex Jones, but the following is the most comprehensive interview.

After midnight on New Years of this year, war veteran Antonio Buehler witnessed Austin police officers being unnecessarily rough with a female at a gas station.

The police had pulled over a car containing two females and began to question the driver. The passenger yelled to her friend that she did not have to take a sobriety test. The police claimed the passenger’s right to free speech was an interference. One of the two cops, Oborski, ripped the female out of the car, eliciting a scream from the victim. She was then cuffed and held by both cops in a “pain compliance” move that reminds me of strappado, a medieval Inquisition torture technique that was used in torture chambers.

Note: A form of strappado  was used by abusive U.S. military personnel at Abu Ghraib, but was referred to as a “Palestinian Hanging.” It resulted in the death of Manadel al-Jamadi in 2003. This technique not only has potential to dislocate shoulders, causing long-term tendon, ligament, and nerve damage, but in some forms of the technique, the victim also risks having their shoulders broken.

Wikipedia describes strappado as:

A form of torture in which the victim’s hands are first tied behind his or her back and suspended in the air by means of a rope attached to wrists, which most likely dislocates both arms. Weights may be added to the body to intensify the effect and increase the pain.

Photo by Antonio Buehler

Photo of female being mistreated by aggressive cops on New Years Day, a little after midnight. Photo by Antonio Buehler.

When Antonio saw this happening, he pulled out his mobile phone and began taking photos.

“We pull out our cameras and try to take pictures with our cell phones,” he said. “She sees me taking pictures and says, ‘please, take pictures and videos.’

“I asked the cop, ‘why are you hurting her, she didn’t do anything wrong, stop hurting her.’

“They pick her up and walk her right past us. Oborski then turns around walks back towards me.”

“’He said, ‘who do you think you are?’

Antonio Buehler’s first amendment right to photograph anyone in public prompted Oborski to approach him. The cop then proceeded to pin Buehler against the back of his truck. The video turned over by a good Samaritan who had surreptitiously recorded the incident from across the street shows the aggressive cop approaching Buehler, who has his hands up, showing no signs of aggression, asking “Why are you touching me?” before being wrestled to the ground by Oborski for no reason. Of course, the story the cops told varies and is not substantiated by the video.

Note: I’ve seen an unsettling trend indicating that sometimes being arrested (or doing your job or being on a bicycle)includes being tackled or thrown to the ground for no reason.

Oborski claims in the police report that Antonio Buehler assaulted him by spitting in his face and then resisted arrest.  Oborski’s report states that he wiped his face after Antonio spit on him, but an enhanced version of the cell phone video posted in April does not show Oborski’s claimed face wipe. Instead, it shows the cop lunging towards Buehler, who has his hands raised passively in the air.  The cop claims Antonio escalated the situation by raising his voice while Antonio claims  Oborski was the one who initially began to speak louder. I’m curious to know what law says someone cannot speak louder than a corrupt cop caught abusing a small, innocent woman. We have every right, and in my opinion, an obligation if capable, to stop police abuse. Police spokesperson Anthony Hipolito is on record saying the cop car dash cam shows no evidence of Antonio Buehler spitting on Oborski. I find it odd that after Buehler was unnecessarily wrestled to the ground, his friend stood there recording the events, or pretending to record, according to some reports. The other cop  seemed to have no problem with it. Watch Hipolito admit the dash cam video does not show Antonio Buehler spitting on Oborski. The enhanced version of the video at full speed starts at 4:39.

The Austin Police Department refuses to release the dash cam because they claim it would “interfere with the investigation.”

Feel free to call the Austin Police Department and let them know how you feel about the situation. I encourage people to let them know we are not buying the nonsense they are trying to sell us.

For non-emergencies: 3-1-1 or 512-974-2000

Austin Police Department Main Line 512-974-5000

Austin Police Department – Region 1 – Area B4, Officer Darrell Grayson, District Representative  512-974-5242

Austin Police Department – Region 2 – Area A3, Officer Joe Hebbe  512-974-4829
The information below is from

Antonio Buehler’s Overview

  • Founder & CEO at Buehler Education
  • Consultant at Buehler Admissions Consulting / JMO2MBA
  • Founder & Managing Director at Trophy Point Capital
  • Founder & Managing Director at Cardinal & Crimson Capital
  • Associate at Houlihan Lokey

see all

  • Company Website
  • Company Website
  • Buehler Education on Facebook

Antonio Buehler’s Summary

I will help liberate the minds of millions of children per year through homeschooling. My research and work focuses on the multiple intelligences, learning styles, education delivery models, and college admissions for homeschooled students.

For updates follow us on twitter: and facebook:

It is my desire to make this world a better place for children; where they can hope, dream and grow to achieve their full potential. It is my belief that our best hope for a world with economic and social freedom comes through education and opportunity.

I have been involved in efforts to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth in the US, Germany, Bulgaria and Kosovo. For the past nine years, through Childreach/Plan USA, I have sponsored three children in Egypt, Malawi & Zimbabwe. For four years I was the co-Treasurer and a board member of A Caring Hand, a New York based non-profit for child bereavement. For two years I was responsible for Congressional Districts NY-8 and NY-9 as the Field Force representative for West Point. I also coordinated and ran college fairs for both West Point and Stanford in the NYC metro area. I have considerable experience coaching and mentoring middle school, high school and college students, as well as young professionals. I am interested in talking to people leading business or social ventures that will improve the lives of, and create opportunities for children.

* Stanford Graduate School of Business
* U.S. Military Academy at West Point
* Former Army Officer; Engineer, Airborne Ranger
* Leader, Entrepreneur, Educator, Education Reformer, Change Agent, Freedom Fighter, Producer, Son, Brother, Friend



Homeschooling, Leadership, Enabling Others to Succeed, Mentoring, Education Reform, Turnaround Management, Financial Restructuring, College and Business School Admissions

Antonio Buehler’s Experience

Founder & CEO

Buehler Education

Privately Held; Myself Only; Education Management industry

January 2011Present (1 year 7 months)

We believe that each child is a gift to the world with unlimited potential. In order to unlock that potential, parents and teachers need to abandon the one-size-fits-all approach to education that destroys intellectual vitality and motivation. We structure individualized academic programs for children based on their unique learning styles, and by doing so, we enable parents to enable their children.

Our work focuses on the following objectives:
1) Foster in children a desire for lifelong learning
2) Provide children with an education that is unobtainable through the public school system
3) Position children for admission into highly selective colleges and universities

We primarily work with homeschool families. We also work with parents looking to supplement their children’s public/private school offerings, or teachers and administrators who recognize that a one-size-fits-all teaching style is not effective.

Austin, TX
K-12 Education


Buehler Admissions Consulting / JMO2MBA

December 2010Present (1 year 8 months)

We help non-traditional candidates gain admission into Harvard Business School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Our track record for Junior Military Officers (JMOs) is second to none. Initial consultation is free.

Success Rate:
Harvard Business School: ~80% Acceptance Rate
Stanford Graduate School of Business: ~20% Acceptance Rate
Wharton School: ~50% Acceptance Rate
MIT Sloan: ~50% Acceptance Rate

Junior Military Officers
Underrepresented Minorities
Applicants from Developing Economies

Founder & Managing Director

Trophy Point Capital

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Venture Capital & Private Equity industry

March 2008October 2010 (2 years 8 months)

Operated a private equity fund with the financial backing of entrepreneurs, Fortune 40 business executives, leadership experts, members of academia, and venture capital/private equity investors. Established a proprietary sourcing effort resulting in over 8,800 companies contacted and 345 deals reviewed.

New York, NY
Private Investment Fund

Founder & Managing Director

Cardinal & Crimson Capital

November 2007February 2008 (4 months)

Founder and one of two managing members of a search fund. Individually lined up 95% of necessary capital commitments (19 of 20 units) from investors before withdrawing from the partnership.

New York, NY
Private Investment Fund


Houlihan Lokey

Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Investment Banking industry

August 2006October 2007 (1 year 3 months)

Advised two distressed companies on various financial and operational restructuring issues.

New York, NY
Investment Bank (Financial Restructuring Group)


Compass Point Capital Partners

March 2006July 2006 (5 months)

One of three investment professionals for a Private Equity fund focused on small-cap growth opportunities. Sourced deals and evaluated potential acquisitions.

Carmel, CA
Private Investment Fund

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Investment Management industry

September 2005September 2005 (1 month)

Asia Research Project- Evaluation of investment strategies made by Temasek Holdings, the investment management branch of the Government of Singapore.

Government Holding Company/Investment Entity

InStep Global Intern

Infosys Technologies

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; INFY; Information Technology and Services industry

July 2005August 2005 (2 months)

Developed business strategy through employment of demand driven supply networks (DDSN) for CPG companies as a member of the Supply Chain Management/Enterprise Solutions group.

Bangalore, India
Information Technology and Services Company

Brigade Logistics Officer (S4)

1st Armored Division, Engineer Brigade

April 2003June 2004 (1 year 3 months)

Managed the supply, maintenance, and movement operations of a forward deployed Engineer Brigade consisting of 4,382 personnel and 1,604 vehicles, overseeing nine senior Battalion or Group Logistic Officers.
Awarded the Bronze Star Medal for exceptional meritorious service during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Baghdad, Iraq
U.S. Military

Brigade Movement Coordinator

1st Armored Division, Engineer Brigade

November 2002April 2003 (6 months)

Responsible for, and successfully deployed, 481 vehicles and 900 personnel to South West Asia ISO Operation Iraqi Freedom.

U.S. Military

Executive Officer

1st Armored Division, Engineer Brigade

February 2002November 2002 (10 months)

Second in command of a 61 soldier Detachment. Managed all personnel, logistics, supply, and maintenance functions for the unit.

Giessen, Germany
U.S. Military

Platoon Leader

1st Armored Division, Engineer Brigade, C/40th Eng

January 2001February 2002 (1 year 2 months)

Commanded two 26-soldier platoons, with vehicles and equipment valued at over $10M. Responsible for the accountability, supervision, discipline, morale, safety, and welfare of the platoon and their families.

Baumholder, Germany & Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo
U.S. Military

Antonio Buehler’s Education

Stanford University Graduate School of Business

MBA, General Management, Entrepreneurship

Activities and Societies: I Have a Dream (“IHAD”) mentor

United States Military Academy at West Point

B.S., Systems Engineering

Duty, Honor, Country

Activities and Societies: Varsity Sprint Football Team: 1st team All-League linebacker (So. & Sr. Seasons); Sam S. Perkins Award (Sr. Season); Anthracite Bowl Defensive MVP (So. Season)

Antonio Buehler’s Additional Information

Entrepreneurship, K-12 education, homeschooling, improving the lives of children and giving them opportunity and hope, prosperity and economic advancement for all through deregulated free markets, learning about other cultures through travel, personal growth and development, family, friends, mentoring, meeting ambitious people who want to change the world, free time, helping others, reconnecting with old friends, building new relationships, football, skiing, weight lifting, and leadership.
Groups and Associations:
Board of Governors – West Point Society of New York (2009 – Present), Board Member & Co-Treasurer – A Caring Hand, The Billy Esposito Foundation and Bereavement Center (Feb 2007 – Oct 2010), Congressional District NY-8 & NY-9 Representative and College Fair Coordinator – West Point Admissions Field Force (2008 – 2010), Childreach – Plan USA (2002 – Present), US Service Academy Alumni, Sprint Football Alumni

Honors and Awards:
Military: Ranger, Airborne, Air Assault, Bronze Star


More information on strappado

There are three variants of this torture. In the first one, the victim has his or her arms tied behind their back; a large rope is then tied to the wrists and passed over a pulley, beam or a hook on the roof. The torturer pulls on this rope until the victim is hanging from the arms. Since the hands are tied behind the victim’s back, this will cause a very intense pain and possible dislocation of the arms. The full weight of the subject’s body is then supported by the extended and internally rotated shoulder sockets. While the technique shows no external injuries, it can cause long-term nerve, ligament, or tendon damage. The technique typically causes brachial plexus injury, leading to paralysisor loss of sensation in the arms.

The second variation is similar to the first, but a series of drops is added, meaning that the victim is allowed to drop until his or her fall is suddenly checked by the rope. In addition to the damage caused by the suspension, the painful jerk would cause major stress to the extended and vulnerable arms, leading to broken shoulders. It is believed that Niccolò Machiavelli, during his 1513 imprisonment after allegedly conspiring against the Medici family in Florence, was subjected to this form of strappado.

In the third variant, the victim’s hands are tied to the front. The victim is also hung from the hands, but the ankles are tied and a heavy weight is attached to them. This will cause pain and possible damage not only to the arms, but also to the legs and hips. This variant was known as “squassation”.

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