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Internment & Resettlement Manual Is Authentic U.S. Military Document Not Intended For Public Release, Revealed in E-Mail From Government Public Affairs

9 May


According to this email sent to gaspeegazette.wordpress.com after inquiring  about the manual, it is confirmed that Internment and Resettlement Operations, leaked last week, is an authentic military document that was not intended for public release.  The email says the operations are intended for use outside of the continental United States, but it never says that it is NOT for use in America.  Plus, if you’ve read even pieces of the manual you can see that it says it applies to Americans.   I would like to see a screen shot of the email from the gaspeegazette, and if I get any more information on the source I will make updates.  Maybe we all should call Ms. Wood and ask her ourselves?  Her number is 573-563-5037.  I don’t doubt that our government would create such a manual, but what if this is a PSYOP in itself to make The Awake look crazy?  I suppose that doesn’t matter anyway.  Those who pay attention and do their research can clearly see the United Corporations of America has declared war against the American people.


Screen Shot from Internment and Resettlement Operations US military manual


Internment and Resettlement Operations



Yvonne Mae Friedembeck

Edited May 9, 2012  12:49 PM for spelling error.

U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations Do Apply To U.S. Citizens

4 May

U.S. Army Internment and Resettlement Operations (click to see government confirmed manual)

There are people out there who are convinced, or are trying to convince us, that this does not apply to Americans. After The Patriot Act, AUMF, and NDAA, why would anyone assume we have such luxuries? 

Let’s first note that the document mostly deals with enemy combatants captured and detained in foreign prison camps run by the U.S. Army, but it definitely applies to American citizens as well.

Throughout the manual there are many references to how the U.S. Army would work together with the DHS, ICE and FEMA (page 24) to implement the policies “within U.S. territory” as part of “civil support operations” in the aftermath of “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.” (page 38).

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