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Simon Harwood trial: Pc’s ‘blood was up’ when he hit IanTomlinson at G20 protests | Mail Online

18 Jun

Simon Harwood trial: Pc’s ‘blood was up’ when he hit IanTomlinson at G20 protests | Mail Online.

From the article:

  • Newspaper seller collapsed and died in April 2009
  • Jurors told Tomlinson collapsed after ‘forceful baton strike’ from officer
  • Pc Harwood’s actions were described as ‘more akin to thuggish behaviour than proper reasonable policing’
  • Court heard Pc Harwood’s ‘blood was up’ minutes before incident
  • Pc Harwood had minutes before tried and failed to arrest a protester, leaving him ’embarrassed of not humiliated’
  • Police officer denies manslaughter

The police officer who struck Ian Tomlinson with a baton minutes before the newspaper vendor died did so when his ‘blood was up’ after being ‘humiliated’ by a protester who had escaped as he was trying to make an arrest, a court heard today.


The actions of Pc Simon Harwood, who is charged with manslaughter, were described by the prosecution today as being ‘more akin to thuggish behaviour than proper reasonable policing’.

The jury was told that he allegedly sent the homeless newspaper seller flying with a ‘forceful baton strike’ and a ‘powerful push’ as he stood with his back to police and his hands in his pockets during the G20 protests.

Pc Harwood, 41, had been ’embarrassed if not humiliated’ after trying to arrest a G20 protester who was daubing graffiti on a police van, only for the vandal to wriggle free, to the cheers of a watching crowd.

After being struck, 47-year-old father-of-nine Mr Tomlinson fell to the ground during the April 2009 demo before staggering 70 metres away, where he eventually collapsed and died minutes later near the Royal Exchange Buildings in the City of London.

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FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY: The Time Times Monday Music Moment

11 Jun








They successfully conquer and divide each time someone believes one of their lies or falls for one of their distractions.



This is not my video.  It was posted by Moksha75ar3 on YouTube.

Before anyone gets their chastity belts in a twist, Sinead was singing this haunting rendition of “War” in protest of the known rampant child abuse in the Catholic church occurring around the world.  She sacrificed her career to do what thousands of religious leaders would not; she spoke the truth, stood up for the weak, and called out the real evil, the real enemy, even if it did wear a pretty robe: Not just the pathetically reprehensible abusers, but the people who do nothing to stop  abusers, tyrants, and sadists.

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Police Handcuff and Detain Forty Bank Robbery Bystanders; Story Details Change Without Note By CBS

7 Jun

There are a few phrases in the English language that I assumed made everyone’s ears burn and turn red when they heard them.  I don’t know who first told me to be wary of these simple words, but I do not doubt the warning.  There is something very chilling in justifying criminality and tyranny with these short statements:

The ends justify the means.” and “For the greater good.”

CBS reports that Chief Daniel Oates shamelessly declared “The ends justify the means” because a suspect was caught after the Aurora Police Department shut down an intersection in search of a bank robber.  At the intersection, the police stopped 19 cars, and detained all 40 innocent people who had been riding in the vehicles, because the officers had some undisclosed technology providing information that promised “virtual certainty” that the bank robber was among the 40 innocent Americans being harassed.  The cops had the suspect’s name but no picture, description, or any idea what car the robber would be in. This somehow permitted an ordinary crime, once again, to be the reason for the annulment of the fourth amendment, and therefore the disrespect and arrogant dismissal of the rule of law and justice.  frederickleatherman.wordpress.com had this to say:

A reasonable suspicion is more than a mere hunch. It requires articulable facts and circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to suspect that a particular individual had committed, was committing, or was about to commit a crime.

Apparently, Officer Fania was looking for a particular weapon, which he believed was concealed in one of the vehicles at the intersection, but he did not have a description of the robber or the vehicle the robber was driving or in which he was riding. Therefore, every vehicle the police stopped was an unlawful stop, including the stop of the vehicle that contained the person they subsequently arrested.”

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Arrested For Spitting, Is this Singapore or the U.S.A.? Neither (And other ways we’re screwed)

6 Jun

Read “Florida Man arrested for Spitting on Sidewalk“and see video at TBO.com

Warning:  This piece is riddled with personal opinion, sarcasm, insults, political incorrectness, bad attitude, and a little foul language, but it does provide a nice handful of important information as well.  Enjoy!

Joseph Stoiber, a self-proclaimed insomniac, was out for an early a.m. stroll, talking on his cell phone, when a police officer approached him and questioned his motives for…gasp…walking around a supposedly free country.  The officer asked to pat him down, as he legally has the right to do, even though it is absurd and repugnant to the Constitution, but Joseph Stoiber refused, as he has every legal right to do because the cop had no probable cause.  The cop and the Stoiber started disputing the really simple, obvious legality of  Stoiber, an American citizen guilty of no crime, nor suspicious of committing any crime, walking about his own country in the morning hours and refusing a warrantless search.

“Things got heated” (read: Cop’s ego couldn’t handle legally being told “no” by a lowly citizen) and Stoiber was handcuffed.  He then committed the unthinkable crime of spitting on a sidewalk because he had chewing tobacco in his mouth.   Stoiber was then arrested, because it is illegal to spit on the sidewalk in Florida

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