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TSA To London Olympics: Don’t Worry, We Got This – Forbes

19 Jul

TSA: Don’t worry, we got this (Getty).

With the London Olympics dangerously short on security personnel, organizers have contracted the U. S. Transportation Security Administration to help protect against terrorist attacks during the Games, according to reports late Tuesday.

The news follows a Home Affairs Select Committee hearing where Nick Buckles, head of security firm G4S, admitted his company agreed to provide 10,400 security personnel for the Olympics, but has only hired and trained 4,000.

via TSA To London Olympics: Don’t Worry, We Got This – Forbes.

Kenyan Muslims team up to protect Christians | The Raw Story

4 Jul
English: Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umay...

English: Faithful praying towards Makkah; Umayyad Mosque, Damascus.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kenyan Muslims team up to protect Christians | The Raw Story.

Americans have been told so many lies about Islam. I have a female friend who converted. The things she has told me are far different than what the media has sold us. She is not controlled by her husband, or beat, or told what she can and cannot do. Americans, we have been manipulated to make us hate innocent people. We are all brothers and sisters, and we the people need to come together worldwide. We are all being controlled and killed by the same forces. Global governance, The New World Order, is here, revealing itself, announcing their plans and tightening their grip on the civilians of the world. We all have a common enemy. We must resist.

NOW is the Time. The Time is NOW.


Syrian Rebels Fly Al Qaeda Flag

27 Jun

“It didn’t happen in Afghanistan or the tribal regions in Pakistan. It actually happened in the town of Binsh in Idleb province northern Syria. The Syrian terrorists inspired by their fellows in Libya raised Al-Qaeda flag to express publicly their terrorist beliefs.

What kind of revolution that claims to demand freedom while at the same time raises Al-Qaeda flag!?”


Syrian rebels pose with Al Qaeda flag


See more related to Syria from thetimetimes.com here

TheTimeTimes.com Friday Feature: ‘THE TRUTH IN TIME’ ROBERT WELCH Exposes Shadow Gov. ALL MUST SEE

22 Jun

Robert Welch oregonrepublicanpart.org

 In the 1960’s  Robert Welch, co-founder of The John Birch Society, spoke  about the shadow government  conspiracy, also known as the new world economic order conspiracy, starting from the very beginning. It’s pretty wild to hear someone speak about the unbelievable things that we’ve spent so much time investigating. Our research has often been mocked or dismissed by those who are ignorant about their world, even their basic rights. Their arrogance only adds to the frustrating ridiculousness of their truth denial because somehow, without ever doing any research, they are experts, and they know everything because the t.v. told them, even though they probably couldn’t name  4 of the 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights.

This speech is a must-see for everyone; the awake, the asleep, and even the willfully ignorant truth deniers.

Short Excerpt from speech

Full Speech

Training Terrorists in Nevada: Seymour Hersh on U.S. Aid to Iranian Group.

Just for the Record: The Merging of Crime and Terrorism Investigation

10 Jun

Man accused of crashing SUV into DC building  – NY Daily News.

Police said the vehicle was intentionally driven into the building and the driver and the interior of the car was doused in gasoline.

Police said the vehicle was intentionally driven into the building and the driver and the interior of the car was doused in gasoline.  Photo: Charles Dharapak/AP

Sometimes I see articles that may not mean much now, but seem like they could somehow be significant in the future. I put them in my “Just For The Record” folder. Sometimes I save them because I want to see if a trend begins, other times I save articles if the subject is something that could be rather significant, or be developed into something rather significant, but is so far under-reported. I snagged this one when I saw the short initial AP release about the SUV crash.  I had wondered why they hadn’t declared it domestic terrorism.

The entire release is as follows, from NYdaily.com on June 9 as reported by AP

WASHINGTON — Authorities say the man accused of driving an SUV into an office building in the nation’s capital has been charged with arson and other counts.

Gwendolyn Crump is a spokeswoman for District of Columbia police. She said in an email Saturday that 32-year-old Charles Morrell Ball of New Market, Md., had also been charged with felony destruction of property and felony unauthorized use of vehicle driver.

Authorities had said previously that they believed the driver intentionally crashed into the office building Friday night. The vehicle had been reported stolen.

The building is less than a mile from the White House in the city’s business district. It has a mix of offices, retail shops and restaurants.

Then also on June 9, a day after the crash, I noticed the Washington Post reports:

  • The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was at the scene Friday evening
  •  D.C. police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said Saturday that Ball’s “motive was not a terrorist motive.”
  • Police spokeswoman Tisha Grant said that Charles Morrell Ball, 32, of Frederick County was charged with three felonies — arson, destruction of property and unauthorized use of a vehicle.
  • It appeared that Ball, the driver, had acted alone.
  • Ball has “mental-health issues.”
  • The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.  Ball is listed in the Maryland registry of sex offenders
  • According to court records, he was convicted in 2008 in Carroll County Circuit Court of a third-degree sexual offense & he had been complying with sex-offender reporting requirements.
  • Ball was convicted of three other charges since 2006 — two thefts and an assault.
  • D.C. police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said Ball was taken to a hospital for evaluation and was released into police custody.   She said Ball gave “a good debrief” to investigators after his arrest. (What does that mean?)
  • A witness said “a man who appeared to be the driver struggled with building security officers, then with police.

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FDA Admits to Killing 100,000 People A Year, Why Are We Okay With This?

20 May

Click here to read it right from the FDA website

“Why Learn about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)?”

Why Learn about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)?  (link from FDA.gov)

Imagine there is a huge food producer that makes a multitude of  products consumed by millions of Americans each year.  Now imagine that the food producer knows their products kill 100,000 people and cause over 2 million serious adverse health effects every year, yet they do not stop producing or selling them.  Would the American people allow those products to stay on the market?  Would we hold the food producer accountable and insist on charges of involuntary manslaughter if the statistics are known facts found on the FDA website? (see below)

  • Over 2 MILLION serious Adverse Drugs Reaction (ADRs) yearly
  • 100,000 DEATHS yearly
  • ADRs 4th leading cause of death ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia, accidents and automobile deaths
  • Ambulatory patients ADR rate—unknown
  • Nursing home patients ADR rate— 350,000 yearly

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Reuters: Russia Condemns Syria Attacks, Sees Foreign Hand

15 May


On May 10, 2012  Reuters

(Reuters) -” Russia condemned twin suicide bombings in Syria on Thursday, accusing unspecified foreign countries of encouraging such violence and saying Moscow would not yield to pressure to change its stance on a resolution to the conflict.

In a meeting with the Syrian ambassador to Moscow, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov “decisively condemned the terrorist acts that have taken place in Syria in recent days”, the ministry said in a statement.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov went further, saying foreign states shared the blame, Russian news agencies reported.

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Feinstein: TSA Molestation “Very Necessary,” Americans Need to Be “Sympathetic” To Groping

15 May

Senator Feinstein wants you to shut up and spread ’em.

Feinstein: The Gropings Will Continue

I’m always surprised at how my disdain for this woman continues to grow.

The government is milking this C.I.A. leak for all it’s worth.  It is serving many purposes:  Reiterating the terrorist threat, shaming Americans into continuing to put up with more TSA molestation, striking more fear into people who leak information or whistle-blow, and showing off the government’s amazing ability to thwart it’s own plots.

Feinstein says the public “hasn’t been sympathetic” to the poor TSA non-officers molesting us, and says she doesn’t mind the pat-downs. Other government officials do mind the groping, and have in fact described the procedures as molestation.  After speaking out about the thug agency,  the officials have found themselves further targeted by TSA bullies with even more aggressive pat-downs than before, leaving some of the officials with sore testicles.

I want to stress:  The government initially said there were NO plans for the bomb except that the attack was supposed to happen around the anniversary of Bin Laden’s death, May 2.  There was no exact date, no location chosen, no plane tickets purchased, and the government specifically said there was no risk of it being taken aboard a plane They also said we were never in any danger.

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